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Quick Facts

Over 300 employees have been trained using our platform and content over the past six months.

As one of the fastest growing HR solution companies in India, IKYA soon found itself with thousands of job hopefuls across the country to train and induct into the folds of many of their clients. The problem – few trainers, cost inefficiency, many new associates and a huge country to cover. Veeville stepped in.

IKYA now has profiles of the people being trained. Not just personal information but learning profiles – parametric scores, module scores, time spent, etc. They also have a platform and delivery mechanism that scales well, so new training programs can be added for candidates across their workforce and content can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Madura Fashion and Lifestyle now has meaningful, granular data about potential candidates – who they are and how they learn. This lets them set benchmarks when hiring – according to scores, how candidates learn, what kind of training content is better consumed, the level of training achieved and where the shortcomings are.

Using the interactive dashboard, they not only have access to all this data but can filter across parametric scores and view candidates that match their current, specific needs. This cuts major overhead expenditures and makes the training and hiring process that much more time and cost efficient.

Candidates are presented with content that is easy to consume. It is structured in such a way that candidates can pause and resume their training at any time, unlike a classroom training session where the candidate is trained in one sitting. Our content is designed not to fail candidates but help them learn. We achieve this by making the content exciting, using gamification, hints, individual scores and certification.