Mahindra Retail

They Conceived, We Delivered.

Quick Facts

Over 1900+ audits conducted in 23 cities, 50 stores, for over 600+ very, very happy employees.

We designed and executed a nationwide engagement program for the frontline staff of Mahindra Retail’s Mom & Me stores. While the program masqueraded as a contest for the best store and employees across various categories, it also aimed to address performance related issues, providing a new paradigm for training assessment, design and appropriate deployment. The event was a runaway success with its unique style, blitzy communication, flawless execution and cutting edge technology. Our proprietary technology service – Promobz – allowed for continued store audits, mystery audits, competency mapping of staff, etc. The results were provided to all the participants through a visually enhanced set of dashboards that helped in understanding and building a strategic course correction for individuals and stores alike.


“What Veeville brings to the table is a very high sense of ownership, ability to think through from concept to execution, combined with an approach that is fiercely focused on innovation. They are one of the few partners I have met who go the extra mile for their clients. They think ‘for the client’, which I believe is their greatest strength.”

Priya Mathilakath
AVP – Human Resources
Mahindra Retail