Experience Design

Oliver’s Twist.

If they are going to be a part of a high energy sales team, selling fantastic software products to customers across North America, over the telephone from another time zone, with aggressive targets – then they’d better brace themselves. And that is exactly what we help newly hired Business Development Consultants [BDC] at Oracle Direct do. We have designed training material – films, manuals, reference elements, etc. that help induct the BDCs into the organization. Given the average profile of our audience, the entire induction is communicated through Oliver – an animated BDC who is funny, informative and oozes coolness. Oliver is all over the place, putting his own twist on all the aspects of being a successful BDC. He’s not alone though. We have Olivia, Orlando.. their tribe is definitely growing.

Quick Facts

  • The name Oliver is somewhat inspired by Oracle. So is Olivia, Orlando.. get the idea? If you can think of some really cool American-ish names that start with O, do let us know. If we end up christening anyone from Oliver’s extended family with your contribution, then we’ll send you a goody bag filled with the coolest Veeville merchandise. Do remember to leave your contact information.