World of Titan

And The Saint Came Marching In.

Quick Facts

Our work for Titan also includes loads of events, films, newsletters and merchandise.

As one of the largest retail chains in the country, Titan insists on ensuring that customers, irrespective of their location have the exact same experience right from when their salesperson says ‘Hello’! Well, they had us at Hello. As is standard operating procedure, we trudged to many of their stores, attempting to understand how the World of Titan staff welcomed their customers. Our research indicated that this challenge required divine intervention – Watch Baba. We created a set of delightful films, in over 6 languages, where our friendly neighborhood saint keeps a ‘watch’ on the salesperson and gently guides him through the various aspects of customer experience. These films are loaded with humor, simplicity and information all designed to help the frontline staff heighten the customer experience at their stores.


“Veeville is our partner in progress. You and your team have put in great efforts to start new initiatives and ensure that Titan comes out successful. How can I forget the Watch Baba video? A tool to train the store staff, created within a specific timeline, and how interestingly you guys designed it. It not only made the store staff burst into laughter, but also communicated the message that was needed.”

Sanjay Bhattacharjee
Manager – Customer Experience & Engagement
Titan Industries Pvt. Ltd.