At Veeville, we celebrate successes together by promoting a culture of gratitude, encouraging team work and collaboration. We offer opportunities for professional development, support a healthy work-life balance, and foster diversity. If you are someone who appreciates a vibrant environment, then join us!

Client servicing

You will be responsible in identifying new business opportunities, maintaining a relationship with clients and have the ability to work with team members across departments.

Video Editor

You should have passion for storytelling, a creative eye, and excellent technical skills. You are responsible for assembling raw footage into a finished product that meets the creative and technical requirements of the client.

Graphic Designer

You are responsible for creating and developing visual content that communicates the client‘s brand and message. You should have a strong understanding of design principles and be able to use a variety of software applications to create high-quality work.

Copy Writer

You are responsible for writing clear, concise, and persuasive copy for a variety of marketing materials. You must have a strong understanding of the target audience and be able to write copy that resonates with them.