SAP Labs India25 years in India, a docu-series

A behemoth in its field, SAP worldwide completed a phenomenal 50 years of their existence in 2022, while their Indian presence celebrated their 25th. Theirs is a story of grit, passion, commitment, innovation, leadership and it had to be told.

Which is exactly what the Saints of Veeville did.

We wrote and produced an eight part docu-series that showcases the road to SAP Labs India’s continued success and growth, acknowledges the people that continue to make it happen, the fierce focus on their customers, the all pervading vibrant culture, technology and innovation and how they are bracing themselves for the future.

This series serves as an excellent resource for not only telling the SAP Labs India story to the world, it is also designed to be a fine tool for attracting top talent and is used as part of inducting employees.

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